To begin with, lets be honest. The internet is full of "Sales Stats" and they come in many formats (interesting,shocking, rewarding, amazing...)

Then what's so unique about these 5 stats?

  1. I reviewed over 3000 stats before writing this,most were too specific.
  2. These are THE stats to get you start thinking about the importance managing activities in you sales process.

So here are 5 stats to get you thinking:

1. In 2007 it took an average of 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. Today it takes 8 attempts.

This statistic was one very commonly seen and referred in blog posts. All posts referred to the same "telnet & ovation sales group". I couldn't really find this research, but its referred to in at least 12 blog posts ranging from Feb '13-Apr '17 (note : none of these posts source linked). Marketing resources conclude that this marks the slow death of cold calling whereas sales resources either portray it as a challenge that only the best can break through or a case for social selling. Moral of the stat : Don't chase "popular benchmarks" see what this numbers look like for your sales organization. Is it the same through out the team? or does it vary?

2. 80% of calls go to voicemail.

This doesn't mean that Sales reps should stop-calling people but simply resuscitate the fact that after all sales is a numbers game. Knowing the probability if someone answering your call is a helpful stat to create daily calling benchmarks. Now when we know 80% calls won't be answered then the logical way to go about increasing the probability of connecting with two contact is a day is to ensure you make at least 10 calls a day.

3. Prospects that buy have 58% more objections than prospects who don’t.

This one simply aligns with the behavioral science behind active listening, the first sign of interest is curiosity. And objection is one of the way we humans deal with curiosity. Successful Sales Professionals learn to appreciate objections and use them as opportunities to resolve customer problems.

4. 80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting.

Also, 44% of sales people give up after 1 follow-up. Why? its easy to forget. This is were a CRM can be your best friend. it's 2017 people Automate feedback workflow.

5. Sales can be one of the most depressing jobs

This was the most eye opening stat that I came across. A study by lists sales as one of the most depressing career. In fact according to a research by careerbliss the glorious "sales manager" position holds the title of Unhappiest job in 2017. Golledge says : "Often sales managers are balancing a competitive work environment and managing a team,If the company they work for does not provide a positive and rewarding work environments many in this job can find themselves burned out." The bigger question then becomes how can companies provide "rewarding work environments"? well one of the easiest way is equipping the managers with the right data,technology and training to help managers cut through the noise.

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