An average sales representative juggles 4-5 priorities on any given day, the fast paced result driven environment becomes a major driver of ineffectiveness withing an organization.Based on 2016 CSO Sales performance optimization study a sales person spends only 36% of his total time selling, the rest of the time and energy is drained on following tedious repetitive processes that can be easily automated today. Among these the most time consuming activities are lead generation, outreach and followup tracking, proposal management, and lastly KPI tracking. Let's take a look at these activities one by one:

1. Lead generation : Lead generation takes almost 22% of a sales representatives time on an average and is one of the most critical part of the sales process to begin with. When it comes to leads, the more the merrier. Sales Intelligence tools not only provide information about prospects, but also provide functionality to extract company lists, identify potential customers based on custom criteria, and use contact information to approach them. These tools create the necessary infrastructure for a robust B2B pipeline " The ideal customers".

2. Calling prospects : With sophisticated work flows comes sophisticated data entry. CRM adoption in sales team has been one of the key concerns for managers. Some give an excuse of "this looks like micro managing", but most struggle with gaining adaption; owing to the up front time associated with logging every call and details. VoIP tools and automatic dialers streamline the processes starting with prioritization & matching lead with the right Rep to one click dialing, note taking , CRM update and follow up task creation. Using the right technology Sales Reps can be "actively engaged" in conversations with customers without missing out on note taking. And that information is carefully preserved in the prospect's file.

3. Email: Using predefined templates and email sequences save a lot of time and energy for Sales Reps. Almost all email tracking tools have the templates feature built in that can be customized for both inbound and outbound purposes. Predefined outreach and followup sequences along with customer insights create a robust funnel for a sustainable sales pipeline. These tools not only save time for Sales Reps but also help create a streamlined customer experience

4. Proposal Management : In B2B sales their is no such thing as a standard proposal, but standard proposal templates do exist. Most document creation software allow easy proposal creation. Automating Proposal processes ensures that all required checks and balances are in place, and saves hours of a Sales Reps time. When linked with the CRM workflow the same can be added to an email template and submitted in no time while updating the event in the CRM. Taking a lot of tedious and reporting tasks off your sales teams.

5. KPI Reporting/ Goal Management : 41% sales rep's feel that tools are used more for monitoring performance than increasing performance, Goal Management can become a tricky task especially when the management is measuring only the results. Take any tool for instance, the moment a Sales Rep feels that it is a "measuring tool" and not a "helping tool" engagement drops drastically. Unlike KPI tracking Goal Management is a productivity and motivation tool that allows Sales Reps to analyse their own performance along with their teams. Goal Management tools empower managers to easily identify and drive successful behaviors.

Sales technology stacks if implemented correctly, can prove to be an asset to sales managers. However, selecting the right tool and driving adoption has its own challenges. In-spite of the rapid development in the sales technology space, 59% of Sales Reps feel that the tools they are using are not customized to their specific needs and thus become more of a distraction than a productivity enabler. For these shiny tools do their magic at scale, managers need to work towards seamless integration of tools with the team's culture and work process.

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