As mentioned in our earlier post on Sales process Automation :"CRM adoption in sales team has been one of the key concerns for managers. Some give an excuse of "this looks like micro managing", but most struggle with gaining adaption; owing to the up front time associated with logging every call and details. VoIP tools and automatic dialers streamline the processes starting with prioritization & matching lead with the right Rep to one click dialing, note taking , CRM update and follow up task creation."

Here is a list of top 9 CRM integration providers (in no particular order) that help sales teams boost sales productivity by aiding the Calling Prospects part of the Sales Process.

1. Air Call

Air Call empowers teams to better communicate with customers by integrating phone calls with their existing workflow and gives managers, reps and agents a comprehensive overview of customer information directly from your company’s CRM, Helpdesk and Back Office.

2. Five 9 Five9 brings powerful CTI and omnichannel capabilities to your CRM The Five9 Adapter for CRM can be used by managers to increase productivity and improves results of sales, marketing, & customer service teams.

3. Genesys Genesys is one of the longest running customer experience platform in the market. Enterprise sale,marketing and services teams use genesis to create seamless omnichannel customer journeys.

4. Cisco Unified Contact Center

Cisco Unified Contact Center delivers contact routing, call treatement, network-to-desktop CTI, and multichannel contact management over an IP infratstructure that helps your company create distributed contact center infrastructure.

5. Ten Folds Ten Folds's product Callinize is an Inside Sales Acceleration, Customer Service & Contact Call Center Tracking tool with a laundry list of powerful features like Power Dialer, CTI, Click to Call, Instant Phone and CRM Integration,Advanced Analytics Dashboard, Tracking & Management.

6. RingDNA RingDNA is a sales acceleration engine and voice communications platform and is used by Inside sales teams to increase call productivity, engage in smarter sales conversations, gain predictive sales insight and coaching reps.

7. Talk Desk

Talkdesk offers a web-based interface with contact center functionality, advanced features, comprehensive reporting and seamless integrations with 25+ business tools, including Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack.

8. InContact Cloud Center Software inContact Agent for Salesforce provides a call center solution in the cloud unifying the agent with Sales/Service Cloud. Increase agent efficiency, while improving the end-to-end customer experience

9. NewVoiceMedia New Voice media is a Salesforce backed company that provides CTI, Telephony,Dialer, IVR,Call Recording,click-to-Dial and Call Center functionality inside SalesForce platform.

Increase your CRM adoption by adding any of these tools in your sales stack. Start tracking sales calls to unlock the power of data driven sales processes. Not sure which solution is the best for you, try testing them alongside catalyst productivity management solution to analyse productivity boost during trial.