The quick-setup experience for Pipedrive users has been improved


You can now connect Catalyst with Pipedrive, and start using the whole system in less than 2 minutes! No kidding!

A few weeks ago, we announced our first official integration, with the popular new-age Pipedrive CRM. In the time since then, we've worked hard to simplify the setup experience for users coming via Pipedrive. Our goal is to make the setup as easy as possible, so that you can spend more time getting results out of the system than spending in configuring it. We also want new Catalyst users to understand the system via an example-based learning system rather than going through pages of how-to docs (although, we do have the docs too for when you need them!).

So, our focus was on providing a first-run experience which would not only get managers bootstrapped in 5 minutes flat, but also provide them with example templates from which they can create their own metrics, scorecards, competitions and TV channels quickly.

Today, the new quick-setup experience is ready for you to try out. Once you sign up, a Quick Setup wizard will come alive, asking for you to provide us with your Personal API Token for Pipedrive, which you can get here.
Getting your Pipedrive token Adding the Pipedrive token into Catalyst

Once you've put in the API token, the wizard will show you all the users it could find in your Pipedrive account. Import everyone, and we'll send them invites to join your organization on Catalyst after you're done setting up the system.
Importing users is quick and painless

After this step, we'll show you the metrics we've configured for your system. Like everything in the system, you can edit or delete these metrics later, or add new ones.
Metrics are pre-set in the quick setup flow, but you can always configure them later.

Next up the setting up the Scorecards for your teams. Scorecards are a way to quantify the effort and results of your team. Your team's efforts are measured by the "Activity Points" and the results by "Objective Points". Activity and Objective points are normalized to a score of 100. An over-performing person can even achieve scores of 100+ on Activity or Objective points.

In the quick setup wizard, you'll see a few metrics contributing a certain percentage (P) to either Activity or Objective points, along with a specific target (T) set for each metric. When a user hits that target (T), he or she will get P points towards their Activity/Objective points. Exceeding the assigned targets will give them points higher than P.

In this section, you can add/remove metrics from each section, as well as change the weightage and targets as per your organization's requirements.
Creating the scorecard

Once you've setup the scorecard, you'll get the change of making things exciting for your teams with competitions. Setting up a competition is a breeze - just choose the targets you want to focus on, and we'll do our magic. All your users will become participants in the competition.
Choosing the competition type Setting up the competition

After you've setup the competition, we'll also create a TV Channel which will show you the leaderboard for this competition. You can always configure more Channels or views via your admin console.
TV channels are set up

And that's it! Your Catalyst would be ready to track your team's performance.
Setup complete

From now on, Catalyst will keep itself updated with the activity data from your Pipedrive account and will show you insights into the performance of your teams as well as individuals. You can run regular competitions based on their performance, and get notified when new performance records are made!

See useful insights for your team