Regular Email tracking and follow ups is one of the most tedious and critical process for growing organisations. Email tracking and Automation software make email logging and tracking a piece of cake while increasing efficiency of the sales reps with pre-defined templates and analytics such as open rates, clicks rates and downloads.

All Email tracking solutions monitor email delivery using web beacons or read-receipts. Some nicer solutions allow auto sequencing of emails and workflows. Efficient organisations integrate these tools with their sales and marketing stacks to identify optimal engagement points and optimize communications with prospective customers.

Here is a list of the top 5 email tracking and automation tools :

1.Hubspot sales pro For those who aren't aware Hubspot is the king of inbound. Hubspot sales pro is the most cost effective Email tracking and Automation tool by far. It allows automation to hundreds of tiny sales steps using both sales and marketing triggers to create personalized workflows and email sequences.

2.Yes Ware Yesware is an Automation tool that updates prospect engagement information from Gmail and Outlook to sales force. Some of the key features include mass email, templates, email scheduling and tracking.

3.SalesLoft SalesLoft uses the term "Cadences" for defining a series of steps that a sales rep takes a prospect through. The CRM integration tracks and motinor these cadences (and obviously emails), thus helping managers fine tune the sales process and freeing up a lot of time from a sales reps day.

4.Outreach Outreach is a tool that integrates with CRM systems to automate and prioritize customer touch points throughout the sales process You can quickly sync your email and CRM account, bulk upload contacts, create email templates, structure those templates into sequences and A/B test to drive productivity.

5. ToutApp ToutApp is a CRM add on that tracks email, supports templates & sequencing and syncs the prospect engagement information with the CRM analyze what works and what dosent within Sales Teams.

All of the above tools help organizations achieve higher revenue per sales rep and empower managers to lead better by filling the blanks between organisation's sales performance data. The most important aspect of selecting "the" tool is the "fit" with sales processes and workflows. Not sure which solution is the best for you? try testing them alongside catalyst productivity management solution to analyse productivity boost during trial.