Catalyst now has a first-party connector with Pipedrive CRM

With Catalyst, we are always looking at ways to help you track and make sense out of your employees' performance more easily. With that goal in mind, we've just released another awesome feature — our first out-of-the-box CRM integration with Pipedrive.

The Pipedrive integration is available to all our customers starting today. To use the integration, you need to be an admin level user on Catalyst and Pipedrive.

What is Catalyst?

If you're coming here from Pipedrive, or via a web search and haven't heard of us before, let's get introduced:

Catalyst is a goal management and sales operations platform which can be used by managers to track and improve their employees' productivity. Catalyst lets managers build real-time goal trackers, scorecards, TV channels and achievement alerts. It also keeps the employees engaged using gamification features such as sales competitions, trophies, achievements, and leaderboards.

What this means for you, Pipedrive user, is that now you can integrate your Pipedrive account to Catalyst, and get more value out of your data. Like organizing competitions on any activity tracked in your Pipedrive account, in minutes. Or deciding short and long-term priorities for your employees using Scorecards. Or using gamification to push your employees to perform better using achievements, trophies, and leaderboards. You can also recognize your best employees' contributions via the live TV Channels.

What does the Pipedrive integration do?

Once you link your Pipedrive account to Catalyst, we'll keep your Pipedrive activities in-sync with Catalyst. This will ensure all your employees' productivity stats are up-to-date.

How to connect Pipedrive with Catalyst

To connect to Pipedrive, you need two things: admin access to your Pipedrive account, and admin access to your Catalyst account.

Sign Up for Catalyst

If you don’t have a Catalyst yet, request for a demo now.

Connect Pipedrive

Get your personal API Token from Pipedrive Settings > Personal > API

Screenshot showing where to get the Pipedrive API token

Now, head to your Catalyst admin panel. Go to "Setup > Connectors" and click on the "+ Create" button to add a new Pipedrive connector. Select the type of the connector as Pipedrive, and paste your personal API Token which you got from Pipedrive, and click Create.

Screenshot showing how to create the Pipedrive Connector in Catalyst

Connection done!

Next Steps

Once you've created your Pipedrive connector, the next steps are importing all your pipedrive users, adding the metrics you'd like to track and setting up your first sales competition. Refer to the Setting up Catalyst with Pipedrive guide for further steps.


It’s a great idea to import all Pipedrive users and link as many activities as possible with Catalyst, so that Catalyst can give you a 360° of your employees' and teams' productivity and performance insights.

If you have any questions related to using Pipedrive with Catalyst, just send us a message at