Most organization use TV in workplace either for visual signage for promoting their brand or just as a TV in the break-room were people can watch news and other channels to kill time and entertain themselves. Its time we do more with this visual communication device that captivates does both captivates user attention and adds value to the workplace culture.

Here are 5 ways that you can use the TV screen in your office to transform the workplace culture :

1. Drive visibility to whats important

Excel reports and email announcement often get buried in the inbox. If you really want to grab attention on a piece of metric data put it on the TV screen. Humans after years of using screens as a source of distraction have now become habitual to look at a TV screen. If its on there and is fun. Employees will never miss it

2. Celebrate wins

Employees love celebrating success, help them do it in style and create a culture of winning

3. Broadcast internal competitions

Why use whiteboards and markers to track workplace competitions when you have a TV? Make you competition legit by putting it on a big screen forget boring emails and welcome technology in workplace.

4. KPI progress

With quarterly feedback cycles in place both employees and managers forget to discuss performance leading to review date and hence both get (mostly) nasty surprises on THE DAY. Ensure that your employees never loose sight of were they are by broadcasting performance leaderboards on you TV screen.

5. Get Creative

Who says performance management is supposed to be a boring job. Keep employees motivated using Catalyst race-car leaderboard theme.

Catalyst is a gamified sales productivity management systems that helps managers drive sales performance by automating competitions, leaderboards and TV channels via CRM and other data sources.