The era of productivity has given rise to ‘the age of distraction' A time were spent on sales productivity improvement is soaring Sales productivity is on a steady decline (from 41 percent five years’ ago, to 36 percent today). An average sales rep juggles 4-5 priorities at one time.Get one wrong and its game over!

With over 58% sales executives missing their annual targets in 2016, its vital that organizations re-think their performance management process in at way that it appeal to the employees. Goal management solutions help organizations in doing just that. These software platforms integrate with existing systems like CRMs to set , measure and monitor cascaded goals at all levels and hence helping employees focus on what is needed to succeed.

Organisations that successfully implement SMART goal management solutions see a 10-40% boost in employee productivity. Gamified solutions add an extra layer of engagement and visibility to the goal management process thus bridging the gap between performance management, goal management and organization objectives.

Here are five "out-of-box" goal management solutions :

Catalyst: Playlyfe's gamified sales productivity solution "Catalyst" helps organisations drive optimum productivity by empowering them with dynamic performance and behavioral insights. With features like historic sync employees at all hierarchies can visualize(and analyze) their key activity/behavioral matrices alongside set goal and results. Contest Engine, TV channels and mobile UI help managers build a culture of accountability and recognition.

Level Eleven : Level Eleven is a Salesforce add on that allows sales managers to drive behaviors on demand using its competition engine.Channel 11 drives motivation by broadcasting, reports and achievements. With features like custom screen splashes level11 enables managers and HR to get creative with employee recognition.

Ambition : Ambition's goal management platform is another all inclusive tool that is used by performance driven organizations looking to boost productivity. With features like you tube anthems managers can create a culture of achievement and celebration across the sales floor.'s product Powerstanding uses gamification technology to make selling competitive, visual and fun to foster an exciting, energized atmosphere that gives reps a momentum to achieve repeatable success

GamEffective: GameEffective is Sales performance management platform that helps enterprises drive sales activities and learning with the using digital motivation techniques and set personalized goals, personal learning campaigns and more.

If not measured and rewarded timely S.M.A.R.T goals are useless. Goal management solutions like Catalyst help managers become better leaders by effortlessly competing the circle of behavior and consequences for all.