“Sales executives are always looking for ingenious ways to motivate their teams. They stage grand kickoff meetings to announce new bonus programs. They promise exotic trips to rainmakers. When business is slow, they hold sales contests. If sales targets are missed, they blame the sales compensation plan and start from square one.” - Harvard Business Review

“It is the end of the month, I don’t have time to discuss anything other than revenue targets. Let's have this conversation next Monday, okay?”, said every Sales Manager/Sales operations manager ever. And the story repeats itself month after month after month. If you are a sales manager, or the one accountable for meeting the monthly targets, and a male, then Congratulations! You are one of the few men who can really understand the psychological pain of female menstrual cycle. That been said it's not like you don’t have a choice to break away from this seemingly natural cycle of agony.

Remember, if you are not the one making the sales, you really can't control the actions or the results — if you are, then you are micromanaging, and it does more harm than good in the long term. One thing that you definitely can control is the direction. Enablement and Engagement are the two controlling factors that have an impact on the final objective of any activity undertaken by any sales representative. The best difference that you as a leader can create — apart for firing your current reps and getting new ones to begin another cycle of doom — is to figure out how to keep your team engaged. Ensure that they have their head in the game, and personalize enablement techniques to meet individual needs.

We bet you all knew everything above anyways, there is no rocket science there.

But what you probably didn’t know is that Catalyst is all you will ever need to Measure, Analyse and Manage your sales team’s performance or productivity; so that you can use your valuable time in solving the right problems, motivating the right people with the right incentives at the right time; and not start from square one every time.