Nothing motivates sales professionals more than winning. Sales competitions have been known as effective performance boosters since the dawn of civilization; then why are sales managers struggling with the effectiveness of their sales contests?

The answer is pretty straight forward.

At almost every organization, sales managers have to manually maintain competitions. This is where processes kill innovation and creativity.Strategically designed competitions work, but they have to be created, managed and tracked.

Most managers resort to creating blanket contest owing to the complications, time constrains, lack of right tools etc etc. The point being if one person ( or a small group of sales force) wins most contests then the physiological impact of competitions is lost in less then no time. No hope = No motivation. In most scenarios the winners get complacent over time while the looser get disengaged and thus starts the cycle of self destruction.

For instance, lets say you have a sales force of 50 promising sales reps. You decide run a one month sales contest and announce (with drum-rolls) that the top five sellers will win the latest I-Phone.

Week One - everyone’s excited (obviously)

Week Two - The bottom 10 reps start getting disengaged, hence the overall performance fall (As the gap between star performers and laggards widen, laggards start loosing hope of ever winning and hence don't even try.)

Week Three - The 20 employees core performers (middle of your performance bell curve) loose interest

Week Four - The number of reps actually trying "to win" goes down to 6 or 7 ( depending on the performance gap between the top 5 and top 10) .The leading rep, after securing a huge lead becomes complacent.

Thus the last week of the competition turns out to be the worst in terms of performance boost.

On the result day you realize that the overall impact of the contest was week or mediocre. Having no time to really analyse in detail the why? behind what happened you conclude "sales contest are a week and mediocre way to motivate reps". Which is quite contrary to the fact that strategically designed contests WILL boost sales performance incrementally over the contest period.

Hence, we created A Leaders Guide To Sales contest : An descriptive guide that touches the physiological aspects of why contest work? and gives a step by step overview of the process of designing and running engaging contest to ensure performance boost at all points in the bell curve.

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